StreetSauce is a collaborative project of a food design collective HotKarot and a non-profit organization Homelike, which provides social assistance to homeless women. At the StreetSauce bistro, the women serve a menu made of carrot hotdog and data-based sauces created out of their life stories.


The technologically mediated sauces are created over the OpenSauce software that runs a network text analysis and translates the generated keywords into sauce ingredients. With each StreetSauce served, each woman offers the audience a chance to taste her life. Each woman has a different sauce. Each sauce is based on a different story. Each story has a different flavor. The sauce becomes a personalized storytelling medium that conveys empathy over our sense of taste.

The uncertain nature of the computer-generated recipes that do not follow any culinary recommendations, and let the source code to "be the chef" instead, symbolizes the uncertainty of homeless life. So how does the life on street taste like? Well, it can be sweet, bitter, light, heavy, bland, rich, smooth, spicy, mild…

Come to try the sauces made by Eva, Ruzenka or Linda by yourself. In case you're not sure how do you feel about the taste, ask the chefs themselves - maybe you'll learn something new…


Eva is cooking her sauce. The recipe is based on her story, which she kindly shared with us in our studio.

More videos and pics at our facebooks (here and here).


Ingredients of StreetSauce recipes are based on life stories of the chefs who for some reason ended up living on a street.

The StreetSauce recipes represent the latest chapter of the OpenSauce cookbook, designed by the HotKarot collective. Each ingredient in the cookbook is inscribed with a unique color, each color has its unique RGB number (e.g. tomato = red = #f05c2b).

The story-based recipes are generated via a network text analysis that extracts a given number of keywords from the source text. The keywords are visualised in a network graph, which is then mapped onto a color spectrum wheel. Each node of the graph is thus defined by unique color, and then translated into a OpenSauce ingredient. There is no semantic connection between the generated keywords and the names of the generated ingredients. The whole process is purposely arbitrary.

So far there are these recipes on the StreetSauce menu:


StreetSauce is served on various occasions at the street-food bistro. So far, it has been for example here:

First showcase of StreetSauce project at farmer's market "na Jiraku" in Prague

The chefs made first prototypes of their sauces, HotKarot and Homelike girls talked, the visitors came, everybody tasted, sun was shining and air was full of carrot smell..what more would you want?

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EvaSauce in the Gallery of Cyprián Majerník in Bratislava

collaborative performance of HotKarot's Tereza and chef Eva, at the opening of the exhibition Work. Apart from Eva's Sauce, there was a number of recipes created out of the stories shared by the audience - for example the spicy sauce by Denisa.

Here are some pics from the opening.


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